Anonymous Hamburg

Der Bericht ist in englisch.

Okay so I did not think anymone would come, since Payback was in full effect the last few days, Leakspin has just spun off, and noone of us had the time to sleep.

It was most exciting, our twitter got banned, IRCs got DDoS'd Resources got taken down faster than you could shortlink them. It was like in the old days.

So when the whole operation finally lost its speed friday night, most of the Cells did not have the power to get out of thier basements Saturday morning.

But still, nearly 10 gathered, despite the strong wind and the rain.

A s always a lot of passers by, lots of them already know us, which is great because we get a lot of support.

No Moonbats this time, but just when we wanted to leave some scilon ran directly into our group hitting two anons, not srsly just like you would do if you want to pick trouble.

Boy, we were happy, finally a reaction again, wow.

We asked her to do it again because it was so much fun, but well she only went into the org cursing.

here some pictures: