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Highranking Scientologist a murderer?

In the U.S., a highranking Scientologist - Rex Fowler - is charged with the murder of a former co-worker at his company. At first it seemed as if he was the victim, but this view was discarded quickly. The deceased, Tommy Ciancio, was apparently leaving the company, citing that Fowler gave over $200,000 of the company's earnings to the Cult of Scientology. He was coming in to collect his final paycheck when the incident occurred.

Mrs. Fowler, the wife of the accused, is additionally trying to obtain evidence from the scene of the crime, namely a briefcase containing Scientology documents and materials. "Even if you looked at it, and read it, you would not understand anything in it, because it is way above a normal person and you would not know what it meant. I want it back right now." There is no news yet as to whether the briefcase has been returned.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Huge Chanology/Scientology article and /b/ackup for Xenophon

On the website of the Sydney Morning Herald, a big article on the development of Project Chanology and the downfall of Scientology was published last Saturday. Another article reports that longtime critic and Ex-Scientologist Gerry Armstrong will travel to Australia to support Senator Xenophon in his campaign against the criminal cult.

Recently leaked Scientology material demonizing Psychiatry has been passed to the media.

This full colour book contains over 60 mint condition pages of pure comic gold. It makes you wonder if Scientologists ever even bothered to do any historical research. Among those victims of the evil practice of Psychiatry are George Washington, Adolf Hitler, and every child that has ever died anywhere for any reason. L Ron himself even chimes in with a rant regarding the absolute rubbish that mental illnesses are. That's not schizophrenia, that's a broken leg!

Vancouver Scientologists "Host" The Olympics

Wait.. wat?! At least that's what Scientology is claiming to suck more money out of their followers. According to a leaked email, the Scientologists are asking for money to print leaflets to give out to the visitors of Vancouver during the Olympics. They are also promoting their new plasma screen at the reception of the Org in which they'll offer touch assists, coffee and tea and to answer questions of the people they're hoping to lure in.

Larry Anderson wants his money back from Scientology

Critics eagerly awaited the release of Sunday's SP Times, and reporters Tobin and Childs did not disappoint.

In the latest article in the St. Petersburg Times, actor Larry Anderson relates his attempts to recover $120,000 he deposited with the organization for future services.

Now he wants a repay of his prepay.

Mr. Anderson has been in a number of television shows; Charlie's Angels, Mad Men, Desperate Housewives. But he is probably best known for his role as host for Scientology's Orientation film, where he solemnly intones the epic line, "If you leave this room after seeing this film, and walk out and never mention Scientology again, you are perfectly free to do so. It would be stupid. But you can do it. You can also dive off a bridge or blow your brains out. That is your choice."

Mr. Anderson's quest for his money led him to a meeting with cult spokesman Tommy Davis and Katie Holmes' old "BFF/minder", Jessica Feshbeck, whose lardy ass could be seen making Katie's even more fetching and slender.

Since Mr. Anderson had the foresight to bring a recording device, the entire meeting between him, Davis and Feshbech is available for your listening pleasureat

These recordings are a great example of Scientologists applying tactics learned from their training; bullying, vaguely threatening, persistent threats and persistance. In this case, however, the subject didn't cave in to their demands. Mr. Anderson is well informed, and Anonymous wishes him all success in recovering his money without settling for any terms proposed by the Scientology cult.

Super Bowl: new victim for Tom?

The Austrian owner of construction companies, Georg Stumpf, ranked 24 amongst the 100 richest Austrians, has invited Tom Cruise to his VIP lounge at the Super Bowl February 7th. Mr. Stumpf anounced that he is going to move to the States within a short period of time. His fiancé will spend the weeks before the Super Bowl in Florida. These facts do not prove his involvement with Co$: But if things turn bad he risks loosing rank 24, the money going to Co$ and Tom gets a new award which we anticipated here.

Jeff Conaway rejects scientology?

For actor Jeff Conaway, life has taken a bad turn. Conaway, known primarily for his role in the movie 'Grease,' and in shows 'Taxi' and 'Babylon 5,' must have looked like a tasty snack to organized Scientology when his life went off the rails due to drug abuse. Conaway's latest television appearance was as a participant on the program, 'Celebrity Rehab'. His buddy, famous Scientologist and actor John Travolta, quickly stepped up to offer Scientology-brand help for Conaway. As published in Parade Magazine, Mr. Conaway stated he "had no intentions of becoming a Scientologist."

This contradicts an earlier story on Inside Edition published in February 2008, in which Conaway credits John Travolta and Scientology help.

The help was apparently temporary, as Conaway was scheduled to do another season of 'Celebrity Rehab.'

The whole issue may be moot, as 59 year old Conaway fell down some stairs recently, suffering a broken hip, fractured neck and brain hemmorhage.

Riverside reporter Nathan Baca moves to Las Vegas

Fearless reporter Nathan Baca is leaving KESQ Palm Springs for drier pastures in Las Vegas at KLAS-TV channel 8. Baca came to Anonymous' attention with a series of hard-hitting features involving county government and organized Scientology, which owns a fortified compound in unincorporated Riverside county. Baca's work was featured on KESQ's website as a special segment. SocalAnons will miss Nathan Baca, but Las Vegas is striving for an Ideal Org, so there may still be moar Scientology fun to come.

Italian singer Tiziano Lugli blows the cult

Tiziano Lugli, a Scientology Kid and singer from Milan, Italy, has left the cult. His parents are both longterm Scientologists with VIP status. He has written his story on different boards. Tiziano left the cult, claiming that it isn't what it used to be and blaming the Management. He states that he "still is a Scientologist and always will be," and has hooked up with Marty Rathbun. Rumour has it that Marty is trying to take over the Co$ or starting his own Scilon cult in the future.

Tiziano said about the Scientology Organization: "At the top there is the biggest traitor of the freedom it proclaims it instills and with nearly a billion dollars in the bank, the torch of the IAS."

He states that his brother was forbidden to have surgery when he had almost lost a leg. Flag insisted he have it treated with touch assist instead. After that failed he had to wait 2 months to be physically fit enough to have a surgery. Tiziano makes more very critical statements although his brother still is a Sea Org Member and as well his parents so far remain in the cult. They will have to choose which of their two sons they would like to be in touch with in the future.

You can read his story on

Lilly von Marcab leaves Chanology

After almost two years it seems Scientology has found out the identity of Lilly von Marcab and are giving her a hard time. To prevent the worst from happening, Lilly has announced her leaving Chanology on WWP. Lilly has been a part of Chanology since the beginning and has contributed quite a substantial amount to the project. We hope Lilly will find a new Anonymous identity and will join us again soon. Until then we wish her the best.

Skype threats from Jacob Vigil / A.K.A. Tom Newton

This thread contains a copy and paste of a Skype conversation held with a certain Jacob Vigil, also known as Tom Newton. This chatlog of Tom and four Anons is long, but just hilarious! A great read if you have some time. It will definitely make you laugh.

Aaron Saxton vs Scilon Sue Hunt - VRO

Aaron Saxton will be required to attend court in the matter relating to a hearing for a Violence Restraining Order filed by Sue Hunt. It is unknown what statements have been submitted, but this seems to be aimed at things that happened during Aaron's active time within the Sea Org.

The Anonymous News project is going on

As you can see, the operation is in full effect; if you have something newsworthy, a leak, or you want to help out with the NewsTeam, leave us a message on youtube or WWP.

Hollywood Megaraid

The westcoast Meagraid will take place in february 12-14 - Hollywood, CA.

Everyone is invited. But no Schedule, Cityguide, youtube channel, blog or logo have been posted yet.

Boston Megaraid

The Eastcoast Megaraid will take place on May 29th-31st in Boston, MA

Everyone is invited, special guests include DonkeyPunched Halifag Anon23 and a number of prominent ex-scientologists. Website is currently in development.

feel free to crop/whatever to make that work

SydAnon - Flash Raid on Drug Free Ambassador

Anonymous caught wind of the Drug Free Ambassadors coming out on Australia and knowing that they'd not be exactly honest with the general public with whom they really represent, Anoynmous formed a team to enturbulate the clams. Anonymous had also obtained a copy of their permit for the day through Freedom of Information Act, and thus knew exactly what they were permitted and were not permitted to do.

DFA violated the agreements of their allocated permit (by distributing DFA pamphlets outside of the allocated location as stated in the permit) -all violations were caught on video/photographed & City Rangers were called onsite and arrived. DFA shut down 15 minutes after they left, 2 hours before the permit time was up.

Arnie Lerma marries Maureen Drueck

Notable OG Scientology critic Arnie Lerma married Maureen "Feisty" Drueck in Hemet this January. The ceremony was held at the home of Mother Suppressive Ida Camburn, who has been fighting Scientology and its front groups since the 1970s. Present at the ceremony were friends and family; including Graham Berry, Nancy Many, Tory Magoo, Tommy Gorman and his wife. Following the wedding feast, several guests launched what would be three days of raiding at Gold Base.

London - Post Game - 24/Jan/10

London encountered a Narconon victim; they caught his story on tape and will release it soon.

January 23rd, Stockholm

Anons in Stockholm also encountered a drug addict that went through the Narconon rundown, and was not cured. He also confirmed that Narconon was a fraud.

January 23rd Quebec

The Ideal Org in Quebec opens January 29th, so anonymous encountered a lot of Sea Org there, but as usual they put up the typical non confront, and even failed at curtain tech.

Moar Raids were held at: Belfast

Trollfest in the German subsection

Both German mods left chanology forever early last year, and the german subforum has been widely unmoderated in the last 10 months. This was okay until lately someflamethreads about supposed (ex) Scilons / Freezoners arose, which were extremely annoying.

Anoynmous started a new mod election, but forgot to tell WWP staff, who do not intend to introduce another mod for the small german subsection. But the Mod election thread has, due to the absense of german Mods, already become a german trollfest.

New attempt of internet censorship in Germany

An alliance of internet users, computer clubs, the pirate party, Anonymous and others made a stand last summer against the first attempt to establish an Internet censorship infrastructure in Germany. Internet Censorship was proposed by minister von Leyen, who shortly before the elections pushed her "Access aggravation law" through Parliament, and faced strong opposition on the internet and on the streets, so that the law has been suspended after the elections, and she is no longer in office.

Now there is a new attempt to implement internet censorship. This time through the "youth-protection-media-treaty" This contract comes from times before the internet, and regulates things like age restrictions on movies, or what kind of content may be broadcasted by German TV stations ( like no pornography before 11 pm). Now the internet shall bow to those rules, meaning all pages need to betagged with age restrictions, ISPs shall be responsible for the content they deliver even though the sites are hosted in foreign countries. Sites tagged 18+ shall only be displayed between 10 pm and 6am. Internet Censorship in Iran started out just the same way. The German Internet is getting ready to fight for freedom once moar. Videos of Anonymous fighting alongside the other internet against Internet censorship in 2009 can also be found in this channel.

Next negotiation round for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

The multinational Agreement against internet piracy is going in a new negotiation round this week in Mexico. ACTA is negotiated in secret since the first meeting 2007, but leaked documents indicate a grim future for the free internet. The known plans for the Agreement include the Graduated response system, that can lead to a total disconnection from the internet for whole families and extensive internet control and filtering. Although the european parliament tries to placate the issue, saying that no one will be cut off the net, the The European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association "ento" are very concerned about the consequences of ACTA.

They say on their website, Quote:

“ETNO is concerned that disproportionate and wide-ranging measures such as filtering or the possibility of disconnecting internet users could be introduced through the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement currently negotiated by the EU and the US among others. Such a move would fully contradict users’ rights as currently enshrined in EU law and reinforced by the recently adopted EU Telecoms Package”

The british liberals warned that the currently ongoing law making process in Britain will be greatly influenced by ACTA. It is yet unclear if U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's latest statements concerning "the right to Internet Access" have any influence on the Agreement.

If you do not know ACTA and why it is a threat, a good videolink explaining the issue can be found in the video description.

Sourceforge and Googlecode block a large list of countries from accessing their services on behalf of the US Government

Sourceforge posted on thier site, Quote:

[I]n addition to participating in the open source community, we also live in the real world, and are governed by the laws of the country in which we are located. Our need to follow those laws supercedes any wishes we might have to make our community as inclusive as possible. The possible penalties for violating these restrictions include fines and imprisonment.

Efforts continue to realize the early Stages of Operation Darknet

While ACTA and national censorship attempts are threatening the free Internet, Anonymous is working to find a way to create a free infrastructure that cannot be harmed by these measures.

Anons involved into Operation Darknet are working on customizing the Open source router Operating system OpenWRT which supports a wide range of inexpensive routers.

To realize encrypted connections between Anonymous Darknet nodes, the serverless distributed VPN software tinc needs to be integrated into the OS, and secure ways to distribute configuration files have to be found.

If you want to participate on this operation, in this stage you need a solid knowledge of Networks, Routers, VPN and Linux Operating systems. Ideally you have experience in coding C for embedded linux systems. Leave us a message here, oron if you´re able to help.

Crazy drunk guy at Vancouver protest - first he insults, then attacks

A ranting passerby was arrested at the Vancouver protest last week. First the man was randomly ranting "F**ck Scientology, watch Avatar!" and then started insulting the protesters. After this had no effect, he attacked the protesters and threw his beer over then. Anonymous restrained the man until police arrived to arrest him.

The new Anonymous Still Alive video is out

A lot of cells have participated, although the last request for special pictures with the words "finish the fight" was almost completely ignored. This might be due to the high degree of decentralisation Anonymous has achieved in the past 2 years, which also leads to a less frequent use of WWP in many local operating cells.

You can watch it on the projects main page

South Africa - Part of Randburg Org burns down

According to the Ex-Scientologist Messageboard the Randburg Org stood in flames last week, and parts of the building burnt out down. Luckily nobody was hurt. The fire destroyed the course rooms and administration space. Oddly enough, almost all PC folders could be saved, but not the costly LRH course materials. After this the Org asks its members for donations so the Org can be restored quickly. Rumor has it that Scientology might be after the insurance money - if they had any insurance at all. Either way, it's clear they pulled it in. gets slowly back on track

The recently reconstructed /i/nsurgency wiki on comes slowly back to present time. Although important changes are missing, Anonymous is using the site, and new raid and project ideas can be found in the recent changes.

Did You Know?

The E-meter, commonly used in Scientology "auditing", was not, in fact, invented by L. Ron Hubbard, but by a psychoanalyst by the name of Volney Mathison, who was experimenting with short-wave radios. Mathison later became a practitioner of Dianetics, and the device was incorporated into their practices. Just another thing we can add to the list of What L. Ron Didn't Do, including graduate from college and write any good books.


Remember to cover your posters in cellophane or clear tape if it's raining in your area. A soggy sign is nobody's friend.

Also, a great new product for protests; portable movie projector!

A good tip, although it comes from mid 2008: using portable projectors has proven to be very entertaining in the few protest field tests that have been made. It is especially lulzy to project images on Org curtains to counter closing down tech.

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