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Oh yeah,

there was a Protest against Scientology on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at the usual spot in front of the Berlin Org. About fifty people attended. The special thing about it: It was not organized by Anonymous, but by a coalition of some youth organizations of the political parties, who are active in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg-Willmersdorf, were the Org is situated. They overcame their other political differences and agreed altogether that Scientology is a criminal and anti-democratic entity that have to be stopped. Anonymous approve this message and attended the protest.

[srs speech, srs]

There were members of the youth-organizations of the Christ-Democrats, the Free-Democrats/Liberals, the Social-Democrats, the Green Party and the Pirate Party who protested together. At first it was not the lulzy kind of protest we know from our Anon-protests, just more srs biz. But that was okay. Representatives of the parties delivered their speeches, all of them pointed out from their political stand-point why Scientology is a dangerous Organization. Anonymous approved also those messages and – as our contribution – read parts of the Speech of Senator Xenophon (because that fits to the audience: young political people).

That was alright. Most of the people their knew enough about the cult to form an evidence-based viewpoint. And nearly everybody their knew Anon and welcomed us. It was really nice. We hope that their will be some outcome from this protest, especially in the political sphere in Berlin.


Scientology produced some footbullets. At first they tried the usual counter-protest-thing that they always perform, when we protest them. They put out way to many signs with sooooo much text on it that no one could read them. Just about eight Scifags stood together with the signs in front of the Org. It was the normal pathetic picture.

But then Sabine Weber itself (the “President” of the Berlin Org) came over to handle the enturbulation. And failed hard. At first she refused every present form Anon and tried not to talk with us, but only with the people from the parties. That doesn’t worked out that well, because they also know enough about Scientology to convict Sabine of lying more that one time. Sabine tried all the “we are a religion”, “we do nothing wrong”, “we engage in human rights” stuff. But nothing worked. She just jumped from topic to topic and were convicted of lies all the time. So, after the 45 minutes or so that she was talking, everybody there had seen the creepy Scientology Communication-Tech in action. An opportunity to learn for those who hadn’t seen it before.

Before Sabine could leave the place she was forced to take a copy of the “Grundgesetz” (the German constitution) in exchange for all the “material” she tried to force to the people in charge of the protest.

On another side of the protest: one Scifag opened a Window of one office (Is she really allowed to do this or is this another sign of the downfall of Scientology, that some of them just open windows when there is a protest outside?) and after some moments she started to give us Anons who spoke to here by our megaphone the finger and yelled at us “fuck you” or something like that. We just gave the niceness back, then an police-officer get over to the Org and told the Scifags, that there are not allowed to offend somebody.


At the end of the Protest, Anon played a game with the present parties. It was a test of their knowledge about Scientology and Anonymous. Teams of the parties participated, in the end the team of the Green Youth won. We declared them officially the most anon-like group in Berlin for this day – besides Anon itself.

Okay. After this we took some pix for the press and the protest was over for ththeis day. We consider this as a huge Win and encourage the people from the parties to continue their work over the boundaries of their single parties against Scientology.

Pix: Album - May 29th, 2010: Joined forces - sevenload



And another vid:

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! oder
Pakistan bann YouTUBE, Wikipedia, Facebook etc.
und weiter 450 Webseiten.
( Laut TechCrunch sind insgesamt 45 Millionen Pakistani on Facebook)

Wie auf den grossen Nachrichten Portalen zusehen ist

Sollten wir mal etwas über den Hintergrund berichten:
Dazu haben wir ein guten Video gefunden das mehr erklärt als 1000 Worte:

DL at

Back in 2005 the Muslim world went off the deep end over half a dozen cartoons.

The rampaging mobs had a distinct chilling effect on free speech.

However since then there has been a growing dissent at the abysmal precedent this sets in self censoring yourself simply because some psychos issue a few death threats.

This recently came to a head with the South Park incident where again some Muslims tried the same old game of issuing death threats. This time however it wasn't going to happen. This time people had had enough. Draw Muhammad (Mohammad?) day was born.

To do my part to support this I did my best to defiantly show that if they wanted to take away my free speech it was going to take more than death threats.

Yet no backlash came. The youtube videos chalked up the best part of a million hits.... and no backlash. The facebook site gains some 40k members, who have already some 2000 images on the draw mohammad site, and still no angry mobs.

Yeah its clear what the score is here. Death threats are only played when they think they can get away with it. Of all the cheap opportunistic cowards.

Well fine... the original schedule goes ahead.
20th May 2010.... The first Annual Draw Muhammad Day.

The bottom line is that if Islam cannot learn to coexist with free speech, then it cannot coexist with the West.

Draw Mohammad Day on facebook at:
For the record Google's last cache,
timestamped May 20, 2010 22:40:58 GMT,
of Facebook's "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" page contained:
  • 106,424 people like this
  • 11,533 fan photos
  • 10,248 links

Wikipedia DE will den Artikel löschen

Turiner Polizei durchsucht Scientology-Vertretung (ANSA) -

Turin, 20. Mai - die Polizei durchsuchte eine hiesige Scientology-Vertretung und hat dabei ein verstecktes Archiv entdeckt, welches nicht nur Informationen über die Mitglieder der Gruppe enthielt, sondern auch über die "Feinde" der Sekte, berichtete die Turiner Tageszeitung La Stampa am Donnerstag.

Die Polizei setzte damit einen Durchsungsbeschluss von Richtern um, die eine Ermittlung gegen die Religion eingeleitet haben, die verdächtigt wird gegen Datenschutzgesetze verstoßen zu haben.

La Stampa zufolge durchsuchte die Polizei ungefähr neun Stunden lang die Vertretung in der Via Bersezio und fand im Keller, hinter einer verschlossenen Tür, das Geheimarchiv der Sekte mit Akten über Richter, Polizisten, Journalisten und Verwandte ehemaliger Mitglieder. Laut La Stampa untersuchen die Richter nun diese Dokumente, die "überquollen" von sensiblen Informationen über sexuelle Gewohnheiten, die Gesundheit und politische Haltungen.

Im Jahr 2000 erkannte der oberste italienische Kassationsgerichtshof Scientology als Religion an, sagte jedoch, dass sie wie ein Wirtschaftsunternehmen organisiert sei und daher Steuern zahlen müsse.

Solche Arive befinden sich im jeden Land in dem Scientology sich eingeniestet hat.
Es wird gehofft da sin Deutschland auch schnellst möglich gegen solchen Stasi Akten
vorgegangen wird.



Eine Übersetztung der Zeitung La Stampa aus Italien:

Translation of the long article published on May 19, 2010 in La Stampa.

bild aus dem ilt. Bericht

The entrance to the Turin headquarters of the church,
located in a former recording studio on Via Bersezio.

The Secret Archive on Scientology's Enemies

A former member of the American cult reveals how the organization collects extremely private information. "They have files on Luciano Violante and Prof. Luigi Ciotti."

Hundreds of files concerning Scientology followers and other persons who have come into contact in some way with the church founded by Ron Hubbard. The files contain sensitive data, from sexuality to health, and are stored in the archives on Via Bersezio. Whoever buys or agrees to be subjected to any kind of self-analysis, even when it's done using an electronic device, signs (or should sign) a consent form authorizing the specified persons to conduct the tests (and preserve the relevant data) for the stated purpose. But this is a little-explored gray area. In the Scientology archives, even the files of persons who have left the organization years earlier are kept. And this, in theory at least, may lead to violations of the rules governing the protection of privacy.


Massimo Numa
Niccolò Zancan

A Repentant Former Turin Scientologist Speaks Out

"I worked for eight years at the Turin Church of Scientology. I thought I was doing something good. I dedicated myself entirely, losing friends and jobs. It was not easy to get out. When I found the strength to say so, after a long period of submission and fear, I was threatened. They immediately erased the memory of my computer. They explained that they keep records of my secrets and also of my crimes. To be honest, I would not like this to be used against me, but I can no longer remain silent. I know I have harmed many people. I acted in a disgusting manner. I have memories that keep me awake at night. For years we squeezed money and confidential information out of people."

We can say almost nothing about the person who spoke these words. He is a man who is about 50 years old and still feels the weight of his experience. He held high positions at the organization's Turin headquarters, a direct offshoot of the cult invented in the United States in 1954 by Ron Hubbard and propelled throughout the world. He agreed to speak with La Stampa after a tormenting struggle with his thoughts. This is what he had to say.

What do you mean by "squeeze money and confidential information"?

"We collected the most intimate confessions from many people. There are several archives at 7 Via Bersezio which contain folders with a name written at the top. There is also a secret archive with files concerning the enemies of Scientology, but I think it is hidden in a safe place. Probably at the home of persons who are complicit."

Who are the enemies of Scientology?

"I remember that investigations were commissioned concerning Mr. Luciano Violante [a politician], Prof. Luigi Ciotti, and a magistrate in Milan. And also about a father who was trying to free his daughter. The method was always the same. You have to look for crimes. Dig into the past and into the shadowy areas. The recurring phrase was: 'Look for the enemies of our enemies.' Anything to make them desist from attacking. I know that in some cases, they also paid private investigators."

So there are 2 categories: the followers and the enemies. Let's start with the first one. How is the problem of the treatment of personal data dealt with?

"They only recently introduced a kind of consent form. They make all persons who wish to undergo auditing sign it. Auditing is a kind of religious confession, where you write the date, place, and description, in as much detail as possible, of the things you did in the past. Even crimes. Political and sexual preferences."

When is the signature requested?

"When you submit the registration form for major services. The services of Scientology are divided into two parts. Smaller ones cost little. Those that are dispensed in the academy cost significantly more. It starts at 1,800 euros. To take this type of course, a person signs, usually without reading it, a registration form. So you know or should know that the church will use your information. You know it will be stored and accessed only by trusted personnel. You also know that, at your request, you can get it back. But things aren't that simple."

Can you explain in what sense?

"I remember the case of a person who received his information at home in an anonymous envelope. He was very worried: he liked dressing in women's clothing. He wanted his file back. But our superior wanted us to photocopy everything."

When did you begin?

"In Turin, the record-keeping has been going on for at least twenty years. I repeat: there is an archive for people who have simply bought a book, with nearly 20 thousand names, accessible to everyone. There is another, held under lock, with records concerning staff and persons who do auditing. And then there are those concerning the 'special operations'."

When is a special file called for?

"When a person becomes a potential enemy. Confidential information is used to blackmail the person. When the enemy is an outsider, work begins to produce a file. Following people, gathering information on the internet, meetings with old acquaintances, bugs."

Can you give a specific case?

"Mr. Luciano Violante is considered an enemy because he publicly attacked Scientology. They tried to fool him by sending a fake journalist to interview him. Then they pasted together statements that he made in a video called "The Inconvenient Truth". I think someone kept a copy. Prof. Luigi Ciotti, on the other had, has been "studied" because he publicly criticized Scientology's Narconon rehabilitation centers."

Who gives the order for a file?

"Everything that gets done at the Turin Church of Scientology is translated, discussed and examined in advance in the United States. It is an enormous pyramidal structure. The heads in Turin talk with America, then they act accordingly. There is a telex line that connects all the organizations in the world. The founder of Scientology is very clear. Anyone who attacks the church has crimes. He says: "Find the crimes and expose them." This is what we've always done. Over a period of six years, I saw at least 15 confidential files be commissioned.

Can you give another case?

"A woman magistrate working for the prosecutor's office in Milan, but originally from Torino: very thorough research was conducted about her. They looked for her graduate thesis, spoke with her enemies, studied the contracts she gave out, and discovered many interesting things."

How are the files used?

"Sometimes simply to know information about the individual concerned. In other cases, they resort to disclosure. Fliers are distributed. I saw a case where a custom newspaper was printed. I saw a case where a website was created. The aim is to smash the enemy to convince them to back down from attacking."

Who does this work, physically?

"Until a few years ago in Turin, there was a person who was responsible for this. He had a post called 'Information and data analysis officer'. It was the same person who had to go salvage those who 'blow' - the Scientologists who flee from Scientology without following procedures. They have no scruples, but they are always very careful."

What do you mean?

"I know a person who attacked them publicly, but he was naive and his identity was discovered. They opened a website where they posted all his sexual information - he has a few deviations - along with full names and mobile phone numbers. When this person confronted them about this, they feigned astonishment. He was unable to prove their responsibility. They act with caution. They often consult a lawyer. They have no financial problems. In Italy there is a parallel association created for the sole purpose of making money to pay Scientology's lawyers and investigators. It collects 80,000 euros a week, every week of the year."

Now we come to the financial aspect. How is money squeezed out of people?

"There are two well-defined ways to advance in Scientology. Persons who join staff devote all their time to the church and to working within the organization; they pay with their labor for the services they receive. The other way is the public approach and is more expensive. People pay for services and go to the church only to receive training and auditing. There is a specific price list. The first level of major services is called the 'purif'. It's a program of saunas, exercise, and vitamins which lasts two weeks and costs 2,000 euros. Then you go to the next level. For example, Grade IV can cost 3,957 euros.

What is the goal of those who enroll?

"Scientology portrays its path as a bridge to total freedom. The goal is to become a 'clear'."

What work does the staff do?

"They have to sell Scientology. There is an official selling technique. They first hook people through the tests they give at the table on Via Garibaldi. Then it's all a matter of luck, so to speak. If you meet a good recruiter who's well-spoken and can find what is called 'your ruin', then you're doomed."

What is 'a ruin'?

"It's what's messing up your life. Scientology seeks it systematically. It's not easy to find, but Scientologists are trained for this. And when they find your ruin, you're completely exposed. At that point you would give anything. You confess and they write it all down, always."

How many people go to Scientology in Turin?

"There is a circle of about seven hundred people. It's like a revolving door. The average tenure of a staff member is 3 or 4 years."

Who are the staff?

"People who believe, exactly as I was believer. They are poor, exploited. Many ask their parents for money, others live twenty in a single apartment. They live as though they were missionaries. But the difference is that a missionary won't ask you for $3,000 to give you the word of God."

How much was the revenue in Turin?

"About 35,000 euros a week on average. Over one million a year. The money is redistributed like this: they pay for materials, then there is a quota for the American management, a quota taken from the top, but I don't know how much. Then they pay for electricity, gas, water, rent, mortgage. The remaining 30 per cent is paid to staff. A manager receives 70 pay units, a subordinate receives 40. In practice, the average pay for the 30 staff members is 50 euros a week."

How are financial matters decided?

"There isn't a true formal contract governing wages. In reality, they make you sign an application to collaborate with the Church of Scientology, which divides its income among its associates. If you leave staff before the end of your term, they make you pay for the courses you did for free. They have an accountant. He enters the enormous sum that goes to America in a line item labeled 'payment of royalties'. Scientology recently bought a small industrial complex in the Rivoli area called the Artigianelli. I'm unable to say with what money."

Why did you decide to speak out?

"Because I am ashamed of what I did."

Are you afraid?

"Not much in the case of the Italian parts of the organization. The problem is America. I saw the obsession in the eyes of some Scientologists. In the United States, there are various followers who died in absurd circumstances. I recently opened a website anonymously to try to help people who have problems with Scientology. It's not much, but it's all I can do."

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etwas lustiges in einem Mathe Schulbuch gefunden

hier der besser scan:

Ok für alle die nicht fliessend franzöisch sprechen:

Die Englisch Übersetztung( eine deutsche ist in bearbeiteung)

The Scientologists Strike Back

The objective: To burnish the movement's image to stimulate recruitment

by Gaétan Pouliot
May 15, 2010

The Church of Scientology is preparing a major offensive in Canada. Within two years, this controversial organization intends to build attractive religious facilities in Canada's major cities at a cost of millions as part of an unprecedented charm operation aimed at recruiting more and more followers.

In Quebec City, the drive has already begun. In the heart of the Saint-Roch district, Scientologists now welcome the public at their new premises. Last January, several hundred people attended the opening of the church, which is the first of its kind in Canada and cost six million dollars.

With a friendly and brightly lit environment, woodwork, and works of art, nothing has been left to chance in this stone building renovated from top to bottom according to the precepts of the movement's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Everything is designed to attract the passers-by, who can find out about Scientology by visiting an attractive exhibition.

This temple, an "ideal organization" in Scientology jargon, is the first milestone of an ambitious expansion campaign in Canada. By the end of 2011, the organization hopes to open seven churches of the same kind in major cities across the country, as confirmed by the organization's president in Canada, Yvette Shank. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Kitchener, Ontario, are the targets. The group has already acquired beautiful buildings at prominent locations in some of these cities.

Montreal is slated to receive the next "ideal organization". The former building occupied by the La Patrie newspaper, a handsome six-floor stone building located downtown, was purchased by the city's Scientologists, who plan to renovate it soon. The cost of this project: more than ten million dollars, according to the spokesman for the Church of Scientology of Montreal, Jean Larivière.

In 2009, the organization made another major acquisition: 190 acres of land - more than 140 football fields - near Toronto to establish a training center.

A global offensive

The Scientologists' offensive in Canada is part of a global program whose goal is to burnish the group's image to boost recruitment. In recent years, 16 other temples - larger and more luxurious than the one in Quebec City - have opened in major cities worldwide, including Washington, New York, Brussels, and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Sociologist Stephen A. Kent of the University of Alberta views this as a financially risky "marketing strategy". "A few years ago, the Scientologists realized that they had recruitment problems. There weren't enough new members. So they created this program to transform the organization's locations into very attractive facilities in the hope that this would stimulate recruitment," says the university professor, who has written extensively on the organization.

Yvette Shank refutes this allegation. "The Church of Scientology in Canada is not declining," she says, while admitting the intention to recruit new followers and promote the organization's expansion.

When asked, the Scientologists all hammer the same message: more and more people are becoming interested in their "religion", an assertion which is difficult to prove. Ms. Shank herself acknowledges that it is difficult to estimate the number of followers. After giving it some thought, she estimates that there are between 15,000 and 20,000 active members in Canada. An artificially inflated number, says Stephen A. Kent, who believes instead that there only a few thousand. In 2001, during the last Canadian census on religious beliefs, only 1,525 persons declared themselves as Scientologists.

In recent months, the group has been under attack from all quarters. A fraud conviction in France, allegations of forced abortions in Australia, and accounts describing the violence of the church's leader David Miscavige have fueled the controversy surrounding the organization.

In Canada, Scientology is recognized as a religion, but it has the status of a commercial organization elsewhere. It is also considered a sect in some countries.

Its doctrine was developed in the 1950s by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, who died in 1986. His teachings, which are dispensed through courses and therapy sold at high prices, are said to purify the body and mind, paving the way for a world without war or crime.

In the new Church in Quebec City, everything is in place to provide these services. In addition to the large ceremonial hall where weddings and baptisms can be performed, one finds rooms equipped with an e-meter - a device which is supposed to measure the emotions of followers - as well as an exercise room and a sauna which is part of a vitamin-based purification.

Twelve hours of confession cost $4,000, while the sauna treatment totals $1,000. And this is just the beginning. To advance in the organization, members must spend higher and higher sums of money to purify themselves.

To achieve complete spiritual freedom, to reach the church's ultimate level, a believer will have to spend at least a half-million dollars, says Jean-Paul Dubreuil, a former Scientologist.

Mr. Dubreuil, 68, was an active member of the organization for six years. He worked for the church in Sherbrooke and then in Toronto, the headquarters of the Church of Scientology in Canada.

He was one of the many "volunteers" who devote themselves body and soul to keep the organization running, people who are poorly paid and whose income depends on the sales of courses and therapy by their local church. For example, the full-time spokesperson for the Church of Scientology of Quebec City, Karine Bélanger, receives $800 to $1,000 a month.

"The people who work there are really dedicated. They put their heart and all their energy into it. A persons has to be programmed, almost sick, to stay there, in these conditions," says Mr. Dubreuil, who considers Scientology as a "pseudo-religion". At the beginning, "I really had the impression that I was part of something that would change the world. But there came a time when I realized that I had become a sort of robot."

A mysterious financial structure

Mystery surrounds the financial structure of this internationally ramified organization. As soon as money is mentioned, the organization's officials in Canada are elusive.

One thing is certain: a part of the revenues and contributions is sent to the Church of Scientology International, the parent organization located in Los Angeles in the United States. How much? "It could be 10%," Yvette Shank replies vaguely, explaining that this money is used to purchase services and materials that benefit the entire organization.

And who is footing the bill for the ambitious expansion program in Canada? The entire project is funded by the generous contributions of members, and this is all that the Scientologists will say.

Professor Kent fears that the group is putting great pressure on its members for donations, but the Church of Scientology categorically denies this.

The "volunteers" who work for the organization can benefit from free courses and therapies, a solution which may be attractive to the less wealthy who wish to be active in the organization.

In Quebec City, their numbers have gone from 30 to 100 since the opening of the "ideal organization", according to spokesperson Karine Belanger.

For Jean-Paul Dubreuil, his journey to the heart of Scientology ended badly. He lost not just a great deal of money, but also his family. His three children and his ex-wife remained in the group after his departure. "For them, it is forbidden to speak to me," he says, explaining that he is on the group's blacklist.

Though he had been promised financial support to enable him to study Scientology, his six-month stay in Toronto instead cost him $16,000. He left the church before becoming dependent on the organization. "When you've got nothing left, they take you, and then they bring you into the system," he warns.

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In Schwerin

Im February 2010 ist die Sicherheitsfirma, die für die USA Militär Arbeit,
schon negativ aufgefallen durch überragende Mathematik Kenntnisse.
Wie in in diesen lustigen NY Times Artikel zulesen ist.

Hat die Frima am 24.04.2010 Eine Pressemitteilung rausgehauen, die ihres gleichen sucht.
OK vom FAIL-Niveau vergleichbar mit dem was Frank Busch so verzapft.

Also uns wurde ein Bericht eines deutsch sprachigen Anons übergeben.

Am 26.04.2010 ca. 22:10Uhr Ortzeit wurde Über die Pressemitteilung in fefe´s blog geschrieben.

Der Anon der also besucht die Seite mit der Pressemitteilung.
Nach ca. 10min Lesen des Artikels.
Wollte der Anon Kontaktaufnahmenn zur genauer Erläuterung.
und es kame die Fehlermeldung:
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Der Anon hatte die selbe Software vor Jahr (ca. 1-2) getestet.
UNd glaube sich zu erinnern das er damal eine Versions Nr. größer hätte.
Also mal auf die Roxen Seite gesurft.
Siehe da. 4.5.241 Release am 14.02.2008
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Der Fehler war nur noch im Google Cache sichtbar.(dieser wurde am 3. Mai 2010 16:59:45 GMT geupdated)
Google Cache Backup

Über den Zwischenfall.
wurde wegen auf dem Imagesboard noch auf Verizon Business hingewiesen.
Deswegen ist der Anon zu uns gekommen und wollte das wir seine Story veröffentlichen.
Nach der Pfrüfung der Quellen.

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